What You Should Know About the FAPP, GAPP and PEPFAR Reauthorization

Engaging the US government is vital to advocacy for HIV prevention, as one of the world’s largest contributors to implementation and research and development. The reach and scale of US funded global health programs have profound impact on the lives and health of people in the US and around the world. Two coalitions, founded by advocates, make it their central mission to inform and influence the US federal government to advance funding and policies to end the HIV epidemic.

New issue of POSITIVELY AWARE points the way towards a more equitable future

There is a new special issue of the magazine POSITIVELY AWARE, co-edited by Kenyon Farrow, AVAC’s communications director, and Jim Pickett, AVAC’s senior advisor and lead of the Choice Agenda, that explores the impact of long-acting injectable treatment and PrEP.

PrEP Primer (Chinese)

This document, developed by 2012 AVAC Advocacy Fellow Cai Lingping, provides background information on pre-exposure prophylaxis, reviews the evidence base and planned trials, and discusses key issues for Chinese advocates. It explores implementation challenges and the funding landscape for continued research.

Good Participatory Practice: Guidelines for biomedical HIV prevention trials second edition (Chinese)

The Good Participatory Practice (GPP) guidelines offer trial funders, sponsors and implementers systematic guidance on how to engage stakeholders throughout the research lifecycle of HIV Prevention Trials.

This second edition of the guidelines, published in 2011, contains three sections: The Importance of Good Participatory Practice, Guiding Principles of GPP in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials and Good Participatory Practices in Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials. The sections provide context, foundational principles and key practices.