Years Ahead in HIV Prevention Research: Time to Market

This timeline shows the potential time points when the next-generation of HIV prevention options might find their way into new programs.

New Product Introduction Update

Spotlight on Eastern and Southern Africa

A graphic showing ongoing studies of injectable cabotegravir and the dapivirine vaginal ring in eastern and southern Africa.

Top Vaccines Funders

Total US dollars invested by each of the top 10 global funders of vaccine research in 2022.

Oral PrEP in Cisgender Women

Displayed in these two graphics: researchers documented patterns of adherence for oral PrEP and we graphed HIV incidence based on weekly F/TDF adherence in cisgender women. Excerpted from PxWire.

Moving a Product to the Real World

The rollout of oral PrEP demonstrates that people don’t take PrEP simply because it’s available—there needs to be a demand for it, and it needs to be accessible, acceptable and used effectively by those who need and want it. These are the lessons the field is applying to the rollout of the dapivirine vaginal ring (DVR) and injectable cabotegravir for PrEP. To reach the UNAIDS target of 10 million PrEP users by 2025, initiations of oral PrEP alone will not be enough—and this graphic shows that the field is beginning to apply past lessons to accelerate introduction of injectable cabotegravir.

Excerpted from PxWire.

An Overview of Lenacapavir for PrEP Trials

The PURPOSE efficacy trials are expected to report results later this year or in early 2025. If the six-monthly injectable lenacapavir demonstrates safety and efficacy, it will be the next long-acting injectable PrEP option to enter the market—and it is not too early to plan. Excerpted from PxWire.

PrEP Initiations by Country Worldwide

AVAC tracks global PrEP use by conducting quarterly surveys of ongoing oral PrEP demonstration and implementation projects, and collecting data from manufacturers and government agencies. This graphic shows data on PrEP initiations around the globe. For more trends in oral PrEP uptake, visit PrEPWatch.

The Years Ahead in Biomedical HIV Prevention Research

This graphic shows the updated status of large-scale prevention trials through the end of 2024.

Allocation of Non-Commercial CAB for PrEP Supply in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, 2023-2025

Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Zambia, and the European Medicines Agency have approved CAB for PrEP; ViiV also made submissions in Canada, Colombia, and the United Kingdom. There are now 13 regulatory approvals and 15 additional submissions that are pending.

HIV Vaccine and Antibody Efficacy Trials to Date

This infographic provides a comprehensive overview of HIV vaccine and antibody efficacy trials. Over 20 years and 12 trials, only two positive signals have been observed.