PrEP Initiations by Country Worldwide

AVAC tracks global PrEP use by conducting quarterly surveys of ongoing oral PrEP demonstration and implementation projects, and collecting data from manufacturers and government agencies. This graphic shows data on PrEP initiations around the globe. For more trends in oral PrEP uptake, visit PrEPWatch.

AVAC Advocacy Fellows Program 2024-2025 Application Social Media Tile

The AVAC Advocacy Fellows Program is now recruiting its 13th class and is looking for the next cohort of emerging and mid-career advocates to explore what’s needed to address epidemics and progress global public health equity.

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A Comprehensive Approach for Progress

Ending the Epidemic

HIV-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies by Target

A number of broadly neutralizing antibodies that target various regions of HIV’s Env protein are being developed for HIV prevention.

Cumulative Number of PrEP Initiations for Q1 of 2023

Years Ahead in HIV Prevention Research: Time to Market

This new timeline shows the potential time points when the next-generation of HIV prevention options might find their way into new programs.

The HIV Prevention Pipeline

This graphic shows currently available options for HIV prevention, newly approved and recommended treatment, and those in development.

Pregnant and Lactating People (PLP) in Ongoing HIV Prevention Trials

Lessons Learned for Delivery PrEP Implementation

Current trends for investment in HIV prevention R&D by technology