Diversity, Equity and Access to HIV Research

On May 2, 2024, AVAC staffer Jessica Salzwedel gave a presentation on diversity, equity and access in HIV research at the Ending the HIV Epidemic Conference at Weill Cornell Medicine. Check out the full presentation in PDF format.

“When we think about what engagement is important for research, it involves building systems of trust.” – Jessica Salzwedel

CAB for PrEP for Advocates

Basics of Injectable Cabotegravir for HIV Prevention

This wide-ranging presentation introduces advocates to cabotegravir injectable PrEP. The slides provide a background on clinical research, what users think, regulatory status and prepares advocates for implementation.

Celebrating the Role of Communities: A focus on choice in HIV prevention

Presentation given by Rosemary Mburu, Executive Director of WACI Health, on World AIDS Day 2022 describing her organization and providing a short overview of the field.

HIV Testing for Advocates

Basics of HIV Testing and Implications for HIV Prevention

This slide deck provides and overview of HIV testing—types of test, WHO guidelines, current issues in testing, looking ahead, resources and more.

Product Introduction for Advocates

Basic Elements of Product Introduction for HIV Prevention

This slide deck provides an overview of product introduction, the process of moving products to the “real world”— an interrelated set of actions needed for global and national health systems to incorporate and deliver new, improved or underused technologies.

What’s New & Next in HIV Prevention

A quick but comprehensive slideshow review by AVAC Executive Director Mitchell Warren reviewing the state of HIV prevention, forthcoming products, and what needs to come next. Much accomplished; much to do.

Download the original PPT.

HIV Vaccines: The basics

This introductory PowerPoint slide set reviews basic concepts, and provides an overview of research status and recent developments.

The Evolution of Oral PrEP Access

A presentation on global trends in PrEP uptake since 2016, prepared for R4P. See breakdowns by country and analysis of lessons learned and continued use.

The Next-Generation of Biomedical Prevention: Now What

Slides presented by AVAC Executive Director Mitchell Warren at the PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board meeting taking place over October 7-8, 2020.

A Roadmap for Results: Understanding the ECHO Study Results

On June 13, FP2020 and AVAC held a webinar, A Roadmap for Results: Understanding the ECHO Study Results, with the ECHO team following the results announcement. The webinar explained the trial, provided topline results, outlined next steps, and offered key advocacy messages to help all stakeholders understand the findings.

Watch here.