Moses “Supercharger” Nsubuga

People in Need Agency - 2017 Fellow - 2017

Moses is a musician, radio and TV presenter and HIV advocate who has lived with HIV since 1994. He has used the courage from the early days of his diagnosis to propel himself to the global stage as one of the most formidable HIV prevention, treatment and cure research community advocates. He currently chairs the Joint Clinical Research Centre’s Community Advisory Board and represents the African community on the ACTG, INSIGHT and AIGHD boards. He is currently training new prevention and cure research advocates and is also fundraising and constructing an HIV treatment and adherence center in Uganda.

Fellowship Focus
Moses’ Fellowship advocacy objective was twofold: to campaign for widespread use of viral load testing along with third-line treatment for those with ARV drug resistance and to put the need for cure research front and center in Uganda. He achieved the commitment of third-line therapy with support from PEPFAR. He also created the CRAG (Cure Research Advocacy Group) and co-hosted Africa’s first cure meeting for civil society advocates with IAS and AVAC. He projected the need for cure research through his radio program, and as a musician, has spread the word through songs about HIV drug resistance.

In Their Own Words
I will continue with my advocacy and spread the gospel to end the epidemic in every area. I hope to continue organizing cure meetings and plan to lobby IAS to take the cure academy to West Africa. I continue to lobby the Ministry of Health to regionalize third-line services and promote adherence interventions.


Moses was featured in a BBC World Service podcast. Listen to “Travelling Home Next to My Coffin”. He also appears in an article “I was diagnosed with HIV 25 years ago” in The Daily Monitor.

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