GPP Tools and Templates

In the years since the publication of the GPP Guidelines, many tools and strategies have been created all around the world. AVAC developed an Online Training Course which is available to the public for free and offered once a year through the Engage platform. Other courses, events, and groups are also available on that platform so the global community of GPP practitioners can connect and learn from one another.  

Several of the tools, workbooks, and templates created for those courses are available below for general use: 

Template: GPP Blueprint Instruction Sheet

The GPP Blueprint is a step-by-step collaborative exercise for research teams, to create a plan and begin implementing the GPP guidelines. 

Template: Stakeholder Engagement Planning

This spreadsheet helps GPP teams plan for and keep track of stakeholder engagement activities over the course of a year.

Template: Communications Planning for GPP

This activity helps teams think through messaging and audiences to streamline communications for community engagement.

Tools: GPP Examples Exercise

This learning exercise offers an opportunity for GPP Teams to think through how they would manage these GPP challenges, drawn from real site experiences.

Tools: Stakeholder Identification Exercise

This learning exercise challenges GPP Teams to identify multiple local, state/provincial, national, and regional stakeholders to engage. 

These and other tools form the basis of GPP Trainings, available on the Engage platform. Email us to let us know what other tools would be of use to you and your team.