Coalition to Accelerate Access to Long-Acting PrEP

Overcoming access challenges to new PrEP options

Structure of the Coalition to Accelerate Access to Long-Acting PrEP

The Coalition to Accelerate Access to Long-Acting PrEP brings together leading donors, agencies, and advocates aimed at a practical goal:  jointly develop strategies and take coordinated action to identify and overcome access challenges to just-approved and future PrEP options. AVAC serves as the Secretariat.

Overview: A critical moment for ending the epidemic

In 2012, Oral PrEP was approved for use as a safe and effective option for HIV prevention. But the field moved too slowly, missing 2020 prevention targets by millions. In 2022, the number of initiated oral PrEP users finally hit three million, but still only a fraction of the estimated number of people who need it and could benefit from it.

In 2021 and 2022 new, longer-acting PrEP options are readying to reach the market, even as new UNAIDS data shows the AIDS response is truly “in danger”. The world cannot afford to squander another decade navigating these challenges. This coalition is setting an agenda for bold action, leveraging global urgency, and coordinating partnerships.

About the Project

Product developers, policy makers, normative agencies, donors, program implementers, researchers, generic manufacturers, civil society, advocates and communities each have critical roles to play. The Coalition is applying lessons learned from oral PrEP, creating plans to overcome the unique challenges for new prevention options, and ensuring that new, longer-acting PrEP options including injectable CAB and the dapivirine vaginal ring will be available and equitably accessible to all who need them, more quickly than ever before.

Discrete working groups are taking on: Demand assessment; Evaluation of cost and regulatory procedures; Finance and procurement; Demand creation and supportive policies. Each of these working groups involve robust representation from ministries of health and civil society. To extend the reach and impact of this work, the Coalition engages with efforts underway to:


The Coalition provides quarterly updates to chart progress. Periodic updates to the Plan for Accelerating Access and Introduction of Injectable CAB for PrEP includes timelines and milestones.


For more information or with questions for the Coalition co-convenors, contact