Accelerating Product Innovation and Availability

Improving how prevention is delivered

Developing a rich pipeline of options for HIV prevention is essential and must be guided by community priorities that define what products are needed and supported through R&D.

Once approved, interventions typically become widely available in wealthy countries within a few years time. But scaling up new options in lower and middle-income countries lags for years, even decades, with devastating effects on global health, individual lives, and the global effort to end the epidemic.

AVAC’s work supports:

  • Development of timely, efficient, effective and affordable prevention options
  • Including community needs and perspectives in R&D
  • Getting products faster to market and to scale
  • Understanding the products’ users
  • Compiling and analyzing market data
  • Sharing information
  • Bringing effective prevention options to those who need them

The Latest on Accelerating Product Innovation


Oral PrEP in Cisgender Women

Displayed in these two graphics: researchers documented patterns of adherence for oral PrEP and we graphed HIV incidence based on weekly F/TDF adherence in cisgender women.


Moving a Product to the Real World

To reach the UNAIDS target of 10 million PrEP users by 2025, initiations of oral PrEP alone will not be enough—and this graphic shows that the field is beginning to apply past lessons to accelerate introduction of injectable cabotegravir.