Accelerating Product Innovation and Availability

Improving how prevention is delivered

Developing a rich pipeline of options for HIV prevention is essential and must be guided by community priorities that define what products are needed and supported through R&D.

Once approved, interventions typically become widely available in wealthy countries within a few years time. But scaling up new options in lower and middle-income countries lags for years, even decades, with devastating effects on global health, individual lives, and the global effort to end the epidemic.

AVAC’s work supports:

  • Development of timely, efficient, effective and affordable prevention options
  • Including community needs and perspectives in R&D
  • Getting products faster to market and to scale
  • Understanding the products’ users
  • Compiling and analyzing market data
  • Sharing information
  • Bringing effective prevention options to those who need them

The Latest on Accelerating Product Innovation




Call to Action for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision

In the pursuit of a future without HIV and AIDS, voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) remains an integral component of the arsenal in HIV prevention, offering a cost-effective and scientifically proven intervention that holds immense potential in curbing the acquisition of HIV.