Comprehensive HIV Prevention Package for MSM in Southern Africa: Pilot Study (Sibanye Health Project)

Phase:Open Label
Principal Investigator(s):Patrick S Sulivan, A.D. McNaghten, Stefan Baral, Linda-Gail Bekker, Rob Stephenson, Chris Beyrer
Objective:The purpose of this study is to evaluate the acceptability and uptake of a combination package of biomedical, behavioral and community-level HIV prevention interventions and services for men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa.
Prevention Option(s):PrEP
Study Design:
Arms and Assigned Interventions
DescriptionComprehensive HIV prevention services A comprehensive package of HIV prevention services, including condom choices, Condom-compatible lubricant choices, Couples HIV counseling and testing (CVCT), Staff and provider MSM and LGBT sensitization training, HIV Testing and Risk-reduction counseling, Linkage to care, Pre-exposure prophylaxis with FTC/TDF
Mode of DeliveryTablet
Official Code: NCT02043015
Trial Sponsors: Emory University
Start Date
End Date
February 1, 2015
May 1, 2016
Age range: 18 Years ↔ any
Population:Cisgender Men, Gay and Bisexual Men Who Have Sex with Men