Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Uptake and Adherence Among Male Sex Workers in Mombassa, Kenya

Phase:Demo Project
Principal Investigator(s):Peter Navario & Farzana Kapadia, PhD, MPH
Objective:This project aims to be among the first to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) on HIV risk among male sex workers (MSW) in Malindi, Kenya. This project will integrate PrEP into three existing health facilities serving sex workers in Malindi in order to document and analyze its impact on HIV incidence, as well as PrEP uptake, adherence, side effects, cost and other factors that may influence replication and scalability of this potentially transformational intervention.
Prevention Option(s):PrEP
Study Design:Open label
Trial Sponsors: Behavior and Prevention Studies (CHIBPS), Center for Health, HealthRight International, Identity
Start Date
End Date
April 7, 2016
March 31, 2018
Age range: ↔ any
Population:Cisgender Men