PrEP Adherence Enhancement Guided by iTAB and Drug Levels for Women (AEGiS)

Phase:Demo Project
Principal Investigator(s):Raphael Landovitz, MD
Objective:The purpose of this study is to test a program that uses drug level monitoring, text messaging ("iTAB") and personalized counseling with HIV prevention services, including PrEP (medicine that can help prevent HIV infection when taken daily)
Prevention Option(s):PrEP
Study Design:Open label
Arms and Assigned Interventions
Descriptioning/Counseling All participants assigned to the iTAB intervention will receive daily dosing reminders that will be sent for the first 6 weeks and then continue with reminders for the duration of the study. Other Name: iTAB Behavioral: Text Messaging/Counseling All participants assigned to the counseling intervention will receive sexual health and medication adherence counseling at each study visit. Participants with suboptimal adherence (TFV-DP levels of
Mode of Delivery
Official Code: NCT02584140
Trial Sponsors: California HIV/AIDS Research Program of the University of California, Gilead
Start Date
End Date
January 1, 2016
January 1, 2018
Age range: 18 Years ↔ any
Population:Cisgender Women