UNICEF PrEP Demonstration Program

Phase:Demo Project
Principal Investigator(s):
Objective:The project will address the regulatory, structural and capacity challenges in offering PrEP to adolescents, and thus expand the availability and use of PrEP (market) in the three project countries and beyond. The project will test different models for improving adherence including  adherence improvement self-management strategies, SMS reminders, PrEP peer brothers and sisters, support groups, resilience support, m-Health and the use of social media. The project will also map available technical capacities to implement PrEP among adolescents as well as the HIV expenditure on PrEP within the national HIV programmes. The aim is to increase accessibility of PrEP for eligible adolescent population in the project implementation areas in Brazil, Thailand and South Africa; demonstrate effective use of PrEP among adolescents enrolled on the project; and, generate knowledge on the use of PrEP by eligible adolescents shared.
Prevention Option(s):PrEP
Study Design:
Trial Sponsors: and STIs South Africa, Brazil Department of Health, Bureau of AIDS, Department of STI, Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development in Health (Fiotec), French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, National Department of Health (NDoH), TB, Thailand Ministry of Health, UNICEF, UNITAID
Start Date
End Date
November 11, 2016
January 1, 2021
Age range: ↔ any