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Px Wire September 2023

PrEP Tracker data, preparing for new products, the HIV prevention pipeline and our prevention playlist. All that and more in the latest issue of PxWire.

September 2023

Visualizing Multisectoral Prevention: The DREAMS program theory of change

This is PEPFAR’s own visualization of how its AGYW programs can effect change. It’s notable for the definition of a care package that touches on the individual and her community, and for the way it defines a range of outcomes. There isn’t...

November 2019

A Generic and Unifying HIV Prevention Cascade Framework

What get’s measured matters if and only if that measurement is linked to impact. The most common approaches to evaluating primary prevention don’t measure up. They measure commodities but not use. A count of the condoms or PrEP bottles handed to...

November 2019

AVAC’s “3D” View of the World: 2019 and beyond

This infographic lays out AVAC’s top-line recommendations from AVAC Report 2019: Now What? The recommendations fall into three categories: deliver — prevention programs whose impact is well-measured and -defined; demonstrate — next-generation...

November 2019

Putting Women at the Center: Informed choice in 2018 and beyond

We need to give women the choice to use DTG or not and to use contraception if indicated and desired. We need to support choices across options, with risk reduction—not use of a specific product—as the primary outcome. We need to give women the...

October 2018

Kenya’s HIV Prevention Revolution Roadmap

From the Kenyan Ministry of Health, here’s Kenya’s HIV prevention roadmap — counting down to 2030.

Prevention Option:

October 2018

Combination Prevention and AIDS 2018

In this episode, featuring Ambassador Deborah Birx, we take a look at one area of great importance that was center stage at the AIDS 2018 conference in Amsterdam: primary prevention.

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August 2018

Interpreting PEPFAR Data: A look at Zimbabwe

In this centerspread taken from Px Wire, our quarterly newsletter, we take a closer look at Zimbabwe’s data, and highlights amfAR’s detailed country factsheets that draw from PEPFAR’s giant data sets. Additional tools and information on...

May 2018

US HIV Research: A family tree

This graphics shows a family tree representing HIV research in the United States. It appears in AVAC Report 2017: Mixed messages and how to untangle them.

December 2017

Breaking the Cycle of Heterosexual Transmission

Excerpted from Px Wire, this is a novel look at how to use today’s tools to break the cycle of heterosexual transmission that was so clearly defined in a major AIDS 2016 presentation.

August 2016

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