AVAC’s Resource Database contains educational and advocacy materials covering a wide range of issues on biomedical prevention of HIV, STIs, COVID-19 and emerging health threats—from research to rollout.

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The HIV Prevention Pipeline

This graphic shows currently available options for HIV prevention, newly approved and recommended treatment, and those in development.

November 2023

The most up-to-date and comprehensive field-wide estimates for HIV prevention and R&D globally.

January 2022

20 Essential Resources – Condoms & Family Planning

Since the physical properties of condoms have not undergone substantial change, many people may forget the power of condoms as a family planning tool. This collection was created as a reminder to all of us that some methods continue to work even as innovations arise.

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November 2021

Internal Condoms: A Tool To Advance Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All

This resource shares new data on the efficacy and importance of internal condoms, and includes critical new USAID condom procurement data that indicate the need for increased internal condom procurement.

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February 2021

Research Fundamentals: What is partial protection?

In this episode, we explore the meaning of partial protection. Whether it’s condoms, a flu shot, oral PrEP or the dapivirine vaginal ring, proven products fall short of 100 percent protection against disease, and there’s a lot to know about how and why an intervention may offer imperfect but still useful protection.

July 2020

AVAC’s “3D” View of the World: 2019 and beyond

This infographic lays out AVAC’s top-line recommendations from AVAC Report 2019: Now What? The recommendations fall into three categories: deliver — prevention programs whose impact is well-measured and -defined; demonstrate — next-generation...

November 2019

Visualizing Multisectoral Prevention: The DREAMS program theory of change

This is PEPFAR’s own visualization of how its AGYW programs can effect change. It’s notable for the definition of a care package that touches on the individual and her community, and for the way it defines a range of outcomes. There isn’t...

November 2019

A Generic and Unifying HIV Prevention Cascade Framework

What get’s measured matters if and only if that measurement is linked to impact. The most common approaches to evaluating primary prevention don’t measure up. They measure commodities but not use. A count of the condoms or PrEP bottles handed to...

November 2019

UNAIDS Fast-Track Targets: The plan and the progress

The most widely-known UNAIDS Fast-Track goals were the 90-90-90 targets focused on diagnosing people with HIV, linking them to ART and supporting them to achieve virologic suppression. But these were only part of what the UNAIDS modelers said was...

November 2019

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