AVAC’s Resource Database contains educational and advocacy materials covering a wide range of issues on biomedical prevention of HIV, STIs, COVID-19 and emerging health threats—from research to rollout.

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Years Ahead in HIV Prevention Research: Time to Market

This timeline shows the potential time points when the next-generation of HIV prevention options might find their way into new programs.

May 2024

The Years Ahead in Biomedical HIV Prevention Research

This graphic shows the updated status of large-scale prevention trials through the end of 2024.

May 2024

The HIV Prevention Pipeline

This graphic shows currently available options for HIV prevention, newly approved and recommended treatment, and those in development.

November 2023

PrEP That Booty: The latest on rectal microbicide research for the back door

Most of what we hear about regarding the HIV prevention pipeline is about long-acting, longer-acting, and even longer-acting products that deliver drug throughout the body and require a trained clinician to deliver.

June 2023

New Products Are Needed But a New Paradigm is Essential

This episode of PxPulse explores the shifting landscape in HIV prevention and how this moment gives the world a chance to finally reimagine how to DELIVER prevention.

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November 2022

The Future of ARV-Based Prevention and More

The pipeline of non-vaccine HIV prevention products includes oral pills, vaginal rings, vaginal and rectal gels, vaginal films, long-acting injectable antiretrovirals and more. Also pictured are the range of MPTs in development that aim to reduce...

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October 2022

Access to the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring: A timeline on progress

This infographic shows the timeline of progress for end user access to Dapivirine Vaginal Ring.

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September 2022

Statement on the Dapivirine Ring for Women: Call for Accelerated Global Access

A coalition of advocates applauds the WHO for its ongoing support and its 2021 recommendation of the dapivirine vaginal ring as an additional prevention option for women.

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May 2022

The most up-to-date and comprehensive field-wide estimates for HIV prevention and R&D globally.

January 2022

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