GPP Body of Evidence

Advocating for Good Participatory Practice (GPP) to become an international standard that makes clinical trials more equitable, just and actionable.

In partnership with UNAIDS, AVAC authored the first draft of the GPP guidelines to provide a consistent global standard for stakeholder engagement into HIV research. Since that time, the guidelines have been adopted and used in HIV research and far beyond. We have collected this body of evidence for GPP to demonstrate the power of GPP, to show how GPP can be measured and replicated, and to offer GPP training, tools, and connection to everyone involved in the research enterprise.  

We believe that GPP needs to become an international standard for the conduct of clinical trials, and building a body of evidence that includes the principles of GPP, the practice of GPP, and the evaluation of GPP will build momentum towards that end. 

GPP Guidelines, Translations and Adaptations logo

The GPP Guidelines have been translated for use around the world, and adapted for different types of trials. Access various versions, adapations and translations.

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GPP implementers around the globe have been doing GPP work for years, and have developed many tools and templates that can be shared amongst a professional community of practice. AVAC and partners have developed a suite of GPP training courses for various audiences, all of which are freely available.

Case Studies and Examples of GPP logo

This collection of peer-reviewed articles details different GPP methods and approaches. These articles are likely most useful for people tasked with implementing GPP.

Ethical Arguments for GPP logo

These peer-reviewed publications explain the rationale for GPP, to elevate stakeholder engagement as an ethical requirement for research. These articles are likely most useful for people who are decision-makers around GPP (e.g., funders, research sponsors and principal investigators).

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GPP practitioners, research entities, academics and others have produced a body of literature about how to measure and replicate GPP done well, as well as tools to conduct monitoring and evaluation of GPP and stakeholder engagement broadly.

Learn More and Contribute to the Body of Evidence

This body of evidence is specific to publications that cite or study GPP. A broader body of research that includes other types of community and/or stakeholder engagement, participatory research, and other related topics exists at the Global Health Network’s, MESH Community Engagement Network.

If you have a resource that will help grow this body of evidence and keep it up to date, we want to hear from you. Email us here.