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Px Wire September 2023

PrEP Tracker data, preparing for new products, the HIV prevention pipeline and our prevention playlist. All that and more in the latest issue of PxWire.

September 2023

HIV-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies by Target

A number of broadly neutralizing antibodies that target various regions of HIV’s Env protein are being developed for HIV prevention.

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July 2023

The HIV Prevention Pipeline

This graphic shows currently available options for HIV prevention, newly approved and recommended treatment, and those in development.

February 2023

The Years Ahead in Biomedical HIV Prevention Research

This graphic shows the updated status of large-scale prevention trials through 2024.

January 2023

Biomedical HIV Prevention Research in 2022 and Beyond

This report provides a concise update on the full landscape of biomedical interventions: including PrEP products in the market and next-gen products in the pipeline—multipurpose products (MPTs), vaccines and broadly neutralizing antibodies.

January 2023

Experimental Medicine Vaccine Trials (EMVTs): Opportunities and Challenges

A look at an innovative trial design to safely speed the discovery of viable vaccine candidates. The focus of EMVTs is to accelerate vaccine science rather than progress individual products.

May 2022

Understanding Results of the AMP Trials

The AMP trials evaluated the ability of a broadly neutralizing antibody (bNAb), called VRC01, to protect against HIV.

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July 2021

Dive into the AMP Trials

In this episode of Px Pulse, AVACers Jeanne Baron and Daisy Ouya talk to leading bNAb researcher, IAVI’s Devin Sok; a veteran HIV research advocate Mark Hubbard who served on AMP’s protocol team; and a senior member of the HVTN’s community engagement team, a chief explainer of the AMP trails, Gail Broder.

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May 2021

Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Combinations

Overview of the combinations of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) under investigation in early clinical studies for HIV prevention.

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January 2021

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