GPP Body of Evidence Webinar Series

Good Participatory Practice Guidelines have been shaping and improving clinical research since 2007. They provide a global reference guide for ethical and effective stakeholder engagement, helping ensure the priorities of trial participants and their communities are centered in clinical trials and broader research agendas.  

However, GPP implementation is far from easy—it looks different in every context, outcomes can be difficult to quantify, engagement work is often seen as secondary to clinical processes, and therefore, undervalued and under-resourced. 

To help solve for this, last year AVAC introduced the GPP Body of Evidence, a new resource that brings together a set of tools highlighting the value of GPP, as well as the nuts and bolts of how to get it done.  

Now join us for a series of webinars in collaboration with The Global Health Network, Wellcome Trust, and WHO, to analyze the current state of GPP and discuss areas of growth and further development as we chart the way forward.

It’s Not Just about the Trial: GPP from discovery to delivery in TB research

GPP enhances every stage of the research lifecycle. In this webinar, our partners at TB AllianceSMART4TB, and THINK will shared experiences, lessons learned, and innovative approaches in integrating GPP at the organizational, network and situational level, from drug development through delivery.


  • Stacey Hannah, AVAC
  • Dr. Michele Tameris, University of Cape Town


  • Stephanie Seidel, TB Alliance
  • Erica Lessem, SMART4TB
  • Masingita Lambane, THINK

Recording / Stephanie Seidel Slides / Erica Lessem Slides / Masingita Lambane Slides

The GPP Body of Evidence: GPP Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks, REAL and REAL2

GPP is an essential part of clinical trials research, and an ethical imperative to creating equitable and effective clinical trials. GPP is created by and for communities, so it necessarily looks different and takes multiple forms in different cultural contexts. This kind of responsiveness is inherent to GPP, but it also makes it difficult to measure and evaluate.

In this webinar, we learned from the Realist Review of Community Engagement and the REAL2 review of participatory research that both examined frameworks for evaluating community engagement efforts, as well as the Global Health Network’s new course on evaluation, and other evaluation efforts in the field of GPP.


  • Jessica Salzwedel, AVAC


  • Alun Davies, The Global Health Network
  • Sassy Molyneux, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust
  • Dr. Robin Vincent, Oxford University

Recording / Alun Davies Slides / Sassy Molyneux Slides / Dr. Robin Vincent Slides